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Taking care of plants is not something I’m inherently good at, but rather something I wish I was. I’ve had all the regular shrivelled failures that I’m guessing we’ve all collected at some point when we’ve decided to ‘become a plant person’, but lately I feel like I’ve turned a very satisfying corner. Where I once would sort of buy-and-forget, I’ve made a habit of actually tending to my plant babies and it turns out that makes a whole lotta difference. Now I’m angling my blinds to best suit my pots when I leave the house each morning and shining my leaves with banana peels like I’ve never even considered abandoning them before.

A couple of weeks ago I collected some little snippings for a Snake Plant, Spider Plant and Monstera Adansonii, and have been eagerly checking their tiny homes for roots approximately every 8 minutes since. Just like the whole ‘watched pot never boils’ thing, I went away over the Christmas break and came back to my three baby-plants showing off a jar full of roots each.

I potted the spider plant this morning, and am on the hunt for the perfect pots to re-home the other two. I can’t wait until this room becomes a low-key jungle, but in the mean-time, I’ll be fighting the impulse to prove I love them with constant water.