When I came to Canada in 2017, my three goals were to see a bear, Niagara Falls, and the Northern Lights, of which I did zero. This time, Niagara was ticked off my list by the second day.

I just had the best time on visiting Niagara Falls. We booked a day trip through Air BnB experiences, and were picked up in Toronto and driven down to the falls. We stopped at a bunch of other falls along the way, as well as a boutique gin distillery and a winery.

What I didn’t expect was the weird tourist-trap streets that immediately surround the falls — I suppose I should have really, but it was so bizarre to look one way and see this amazing natural phenomenon, then look the other way and see casinos, haunted houses and a Burger King. I didn’t bother walking up there, and I’d say a day trip is more worth your time than actually staying by the river. Unless, you know, living in a cartoon-land is your thing.

Once we actually got to Niagara Falls, we took the customary boat ride up to the waterfalls, and I couldn’t stop laughing. They’re so misty it’s like driving into heavy rain, everyone looks ridiculous in their supplied ponchos, plus it was pretty much the first time we’d got to hang out with my brother in about a year. I wish I had more photos of this day, but I lost the roll of film I shot most of it on — iPhone Camera Roll saves the day.