My first time in New York was the definition of short and sweet. NY was not even really on my initial agenda, but I had a bit of time in Toronto and learnt that New York was only about an hour’s flight away, so I was determined to make it happen.

I only took my little backpack with me; one pair of jeans, one pair of boots, and to my luck landed in absolutely torrential rain. It didn’t stop me wandering the streets for about 20 straight hours, but it did mean I had no dry clothes to change into once I got back to my Air BnB, and ended up with my pants and shoes hanging in front of a fan trying to make them dry enough to put back on.

I think I was in the city for maybe 3 hours before I started looking into how much rent was — it really does steal your heart.

Seeing as I only spent two and a half days in NYC, I don’t feel particularly equipped to give recommendations, but I can say that I loved everything I did. From truffle-parmesan fries, to corn on the cob and mac & cheese at Miss Lily’s, to living out my Chef’s Table dreams and getting a slice of Crack Pie at Milk Bar. I even loved things that weren’t food actually, like pretending I was living in an episode of Friends and the unexpected abundance of Australian Shepherds I saw.

Although the rain did mean a couple of my tourist-dreamz didn’t come together—a walk through central park was not super leisurely, and my hopes of taking a classic skyline pic from Top Of The Rock were cancelled when the visibility was too poor to go up, I still felt that big life magic. I can’t wait to go back for long enough to actually immerse myself for a while, but for now, it’s this summary and a 35mm/iPhone documentary combo.